CSMR moves to new space

Therapists at the Center for Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation, a service of Northfield Hospital & Clinics, are now working in the new 6,400 square foot addition to the rehabilitation center at the corner of Jefferson Road and Jefferson Parkway in Northfield.

The project, which began last summer, provides space for a new rehabilitation gym, 15 treatment rooms for physical therapists and a larger, more efficient reception space.

“This is a huge improvement in every way,” said Judi Malecha, director of CSMR.

“It will improve the patients’ experience when they come to us for therapy, and the new space gives our therapists more resources to use in their therapy.”

Joel Beithon, a senior physical therapist at CSMR, said the addition has energized everyone at the center. “This addition opens up so many more possibilities for how we work and improves patient flow. It really makes for a positive experience for our patients.”

With physical therapy’s move to the new space, the project’s Phase II is underway. The existing 10,000 square feet is being remodeled to provide room for Children’s Therapy & Speech and WorkSystems, services that now are housed at 527 Professional Drive, and occupational therapy. They plan to move into the new space some time in April.

“It will be great to reunite all of our services in one remodeled location,” said Malecha. “It will be better for patients and more efficient operationally.”

CSMR is planning an open house for some time in April.