Personal loss sparks fundraiser

Annette Frandrup’s sudden death due to cardiac arrest left her family devastated. At 53, this vibrant, mother, grandmother and professional businesswoman had a lot of living to do.

Nine months later, her husband, Jim Frie, wants to do something in her memory that might spare another family a similar tragedy. He is launching a campaign in her honor to purchase a Lucas automatic CPR device for Northfield Hospital & Clinics. It costs $15,000, but he considers it an investment in life.

“Heart disease is the number one killer in America,” Frie said. “It’s going to affect someone you know sooner or later.”

The Lucas machine is superior to manual compression CPR, Frie said. The device wraps around the patient’s chest and consists of a piston-driven suction cup positioned in the middle of a patient’s chest. It provides steady, consistent compression for up to an hour.

 It is more efficient than energy consuming hands-on CPR and helps with blood flow. It also frees up paramedics to do other important clinical work for the patient in tight spaces and in a tight time frame.

Frie, a retired police officer, has seen many heart attacks and has performed his share of CPR, but he said the Lucas would be a great tool for emergency responders.

“The Lucas brings people back,” he said.

Jennifer Fischer, MD, a physician at Northfield Hospital’s Emergency Department, agrees. The latest research suggests that uninterrupted compressions are key to a successful resuscitation, she said.

“We always need a lot of assistance during a resuscitation,” Dr. Fisher said. “It’s good to free someone up to provide breathing assistance, administer medication, arrange for transport and simply manage the scene. We are so grateful Jim is shining a light on this opportunity to enhance life-saving care we can provide to the community.”

Frie envisions the campaign generating a broad base of support. He’s hoping people will see their way clear to skipping a concert or a dinner out and redirect those dollars to the campaign.

“Once people understand what the Lucas is and why it will benefit everyone in the area, I think they will contribute,” he said.

A fund has been set up at Northfield Hospital & Clinics for those who choose to donate to this campaign. Checks can be made out to Northfield Hospital & Clinics and sent to: Northfield Hospital & Clinics, Attention: Lucas Device Fund, 2000 North Avenue, Northfield, Minn. 55057. Please put Lucas Device Fund in your check’s memo line. All donations are tax deductible. If you have questions, please call Scott Richardson, Director of Community Relations at 507-646-1034.