City Council affirms city ownership model

The Northfield City Council adopted a resolution November 13 affirming the city’s continued ownership of Northfield Hospital & Clinics.

The declaration was based on a recommendation from the joint City-Hospital Task Force after several months of study. The task force said in its recommendation that a formal declaration of its finding is important to provide stability and clarity to both NH&C and the community.

The resolution passed ;by the council  reads: ”The Northfield City Council affirms its commitment, as authorized by the Northfield Charter, to continue to own Northfield Hospital & Clinics as a municipal health care system, subject to management and operation by the Hospital Board, and the Council affirms its commitment not to sell or otherwise transfer ownership of Northfield Hospital & Clinics for the foreseeable future.”

Mary Quinn Crow, President and CEO of Northfield Hospital & Clinics, said this resolution answers the question: “Does the City plan to sell the Hospital?”

“This action asserts the City’s intention to maintain the hospital as an independent, municipally owned entity,” she said. “It also returns the question of hospital ownership to the hospital’s board to determine in the broader view of what is in the best interest of healthcare delivery for our community.

 “The board has always given careful consideration to this question as it charts the organization’s strategic direction,” Quinn Crow said. “The board has consistently supported a city-owned, independent model to allow for patient choice and quality care through strategic relationships with many health care organizations and independent providers.”

The second part of the resolution directs the city council and hospital board to develop a communication plan that will guide any future discussion that involves the hospital’s ownership.