Grant helps Lucas CPR campaign

MN Resuscitation Consortium (MRC).recently awarded $9,500 to Northfield Hospital & Clinics to help with the purchase of a Lucas CPR device and fund community training to increase sudden cardiac arrest survival rates.

The Consortium is part of the HeartRescue Project. Initiated in 2010 by the Medtronic Foundation, the HeartRescue Project assembles the country’s leading emergency and resuscitation experts to expand successful city and county SCA response programs to statewide levels. A primary objective of the program is to develop an integrated community response to SCA, ensuring everyone is prepared to respond by calling 911, starting chest compressions immediately and using an AED.  

 Brian Edwards, director of Emergency Medical Services at Northfield Hospital & Clinics, said the grant, combined with other donations, will help put a Lucas CPR device on an EMS ambulance.

 “This grant assures that we will meet our goal for this campaign and be able to add a Lucas CPR device to the equipment we carry,” he said. “I want to thank Jim Frie for his inspiration for this project. His intent was to honor his late wife, Annette Frandrup, with this gift to the community. Mission accomplished.”

 According to Demetris Yannopoulos, M.D., medical director for the MN Resuscitation Consortium, cardiac arrest care is a constantly changing process. 

 “There is new research and tools that can be utilized to improve outcomes,” he said. “The work being done by our grant recipients will help to identify survival rates, best practices and new ideas that can help communities that are working to improve their level of care.”

 Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)is a public health crisis during which the heart stops without warning.  SCA is often caused by abnormalities of the heart’s electrical conduction system. Signs of SCA include unconsciousness and lack of breath.  As the leading cause of death in the world, SCA strikes an estimated 295,000 Americans each year.

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