Lucas CPR campaign meets goal

Lucas DeviceA combination of grants, fundraisers and individual contributions have allowed Northfield Hospital & Clinics to purchase a Lucas Automatic CPR Device in honor of Annette Frandrup.

Frandrup died 18 months ago from cardiac arrest at the age of 53. In her memory, her husband, Jim Frie, committed to raising $15,000 for a Lucas CPR device in hopes of sparing other families a similar tragedy. In cooperation with Northfield Hospital & Clinics, a campaign was launched late last summer. It came to a successful conclusion in April.

 Frie said he is grateful for the “heartfelt” response to this campaign.

  “Heart disease is the number one killer in America,” Frie said. “It’s going to affect someone you know sooner or later. Everyone who donated has the satisfaction of knowing that their contribution will help save lives of people who otherwise might not make it. This equipment will prevent families from going through what we went through.”

 The Lucas machine is superior to manual compression CPR. The device wraps around the patient’s torso and a piston-driven suction cup positioned in the middle of a patient’s chest delivers steady, consistent compression for up to an hour.

 It is more efficient than energy consuming hands-on CPR and helps with blood flow. It also frees up paramedics to do other important clinical work for the patient in tight spaces and in a tight time frame.

Frie, a retired police officer, has seen many heart attacks and has performed his share of CPR, but he said the Lucas is a great tool for emergency responders.

Donors to the campaign included Frie and 48 other individuals, Northfield Rescue Squad, Bell Bank, Northfield Police Association, Lonsdale Fire and Rescue, Northfield Rotary and MN Resuscitation Consortium at the University of Minnesota through the Medtronic Foundation HeartRescue Project.

 The funds from the MN Resuscitation Consortium came in the form of a two-part grant, $7,500 for the purchase of the device, $2,000 for community training to improve cardiac arrest survival rates. Northfield Hospital’s Emergency Medical Services will be coordinating that training.

 The Bell Bank contribution is part of a “pay it forward” program for its employees. Mary Dack of Northfield, who had a professional relationship with Frandrup, combined the funds from her employer with a local fundraiser to put the campaign over the top.

 The Lucas CPR device will be assigned to an EMS ambulance. Plans call for making it standard equipment on all EMS ambulances at Northfield Hospital & Clinics.