Donor purchases Lucas CPR devices for EMS

Lucas Device2A longtime Northfield resident has donated $32,000 for the purchase of two Lucas Automatic CPR devices for Northfield Hospital’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Mary Lander Freeman, 97, made the donation because she wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, said Sue Malecha, Freeman’s niece.

The donation will enable EMS to equip all of its ambulances with the device and make it a standard of care.      

Pictured from left; Kathy Hanek, Mary Lander Freeman, Sue Malecha and Rebecca Schoephoerster (in back with Lucas device)                                                                          The Lucas machine is superior to manual compression CPR. The device wraps around the patient’s torso and a piston-driven suction cup positioned in the middle of a patient’s chest delivers steady, consistent compressions for up to an hour.

“This will give a lot more people a second chance,” Malecha said. 

It is more efficient than energy consuming hands-on CPR and helps with blood flow. It also frees up paramedics to do other important clinical work for the patient in tight spaces and in a tight time frame.

Freeman has no personal connection to anyone ever requiring this machine and heard about it through a family friend. She has always been a generous lady who is interested in helping the local community. Freeman has lived in Northfield most of her life and feels that this is her way of giving back. Her donation will impact many people, whether it be the paramedics, patients, or families.

 A combination of grants, fundraisers and individual contributions in honor of the late Annette Frandrup allowed Northfield Hospital & Clinics to purchase its first Lucas Automatic CPR Device earlier this year. Frandrup died in 2011 from cardiac arrest at the age of 53. In her memory, her husband, Jim Frie, launched a campaign to secure a Lucas device for Northfield Hospital & Clinics’ EMS.

 “We are overwhelmed with people’s generosity,” said Brian Edwards, Northfield Hospital & Clinics EMS manager. “Automatic compressions provided by Lucas machines can make all the difference in the world at the scene of a cardiac event. These donations will truly enhance the care we provide to area residents.” 

 The Emergency Department at Northfield Hospital also has a Lucas CPR device. It was purchased with a significant contribution from the Northfield Hospital Auxiliary.