Northfield Hospital invests in advanced technology

Northfield Hospital is one of a handful of regional healthcare facilities to have the next generation in fluoroscope technology.

It recently purchased a Luminos Agile with CR radiography to meet the need for better images, growing volumes and a better patient experience.

Fluoroscopy is the process of taking a live, real-time x-ray instead of still pictures. It is used to evaluate the gastro-intestinal track, the uterus, the bladder, and many other internal diagnostic issues. It is also used to guide injections.

The new machine now in place at Northfield Hospital makes for better diagnoses because of its superior image quality. It also improves the patient experience with its patient-side, height-adjusted table.

 Lisa Lang, radiology supervisor for Northfield Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging department, said this is a huge benefit to patients.

 “Before we had this system, our patients had to step onto a step stool and then get up on the table,” Lang said. “It was hard for many of our older patients, especially those with limited mobility, to get fully on the table.”

Sandra Mulford, director of Diagnostic Imaging at Northfield Hospital, said this is another example of the hospital investing in new technology so that patients do not have to leave the community for important diagnostic work.