Heart Safe is gaining ground

Nine months after launching a community-wide, “hands only” CPR training for bystanders, Northfield Heart Safe Project  has given more than 1,200 community members the tools they need to act quickly in an emergency. They have learned the signs and symptoms of stroke, heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest, and they have been trained in “No Fear, Compressions Only” CPR and AED protocol.

Kathy Hanek, an EMT and coordinator of Northfield Area Heart Safe Project, said this program will save lives. Nationally, sudden cardiac arrests claim 300,000 people annually. Kathy is convinced the odds will improve if people are trained to act in an emergency.

Kathy is excited about the interest the program has received to date.

“People are discovering this program and seeing it as a critical need in schools, places of employment, wherever people gather,” she said.

They have provided training to high school students and athletic teams, college personnel and students, 4-H groups, seniors citizens to name a few. They have recently recruited a dozen St. Olaf College students to help with future training sessions.They continue to offer trainings throughout Northfield and surrounding communities.

If you would like to schedule training for your business or organization or volunteer to help with training, contact Kathy Hanek at