Board Members

northfield_hospital1_MG_7223[1]Board minutes are available here.

Charles Kyte, Chair

Appointed: May 2012. Currently serving his first full term.
Education: University of Minnesota Ph.D., Education Administration and Policy;  Mankato State University, Specialist Degree; St. Cloud State University, M.A.; University of Minnesota Duluth, B.A.
Professional Background: Public Education, Public Education Administration
Committee Assignments: Budget & Finance, Governance & Planning.

Charles Austin, Treasurer

Appointed: February, 2010. Currently serving his second term.
Education: University of Minnesota B.A. Finance and Management
Professional Background: Commercial insurance marketing, management
Committee Assignments: Budget & Finance, Community Relations.

Gina Franklin

Appointed: October, 2004. Currently serving her third full term.
Education: University of Nebraska at Lincoln, B.A. and M.A. Counseling Psychology; University of Nebraska at Lincoln, JD.
Professional Background: Law and administration
Committee Assignments: Quality Assurance.

CC LInstroth

Appointed: Sept., 2013. Currently serving her first full term.
Education: Purdue University, B. A., Elementary Education and Child Development; Minnesota State University, M. A., Experiential Education;Hamline University, Reading Specialist
Professional Background: Public Education
Committee Assignment: Community Relations,  Quality Assurance.

Charlie Mandile

Appointed: 2014. Currently serving his first full term.
Education: University of Minnesota MPH; Carleton College BA.
Professional Background: Healthcare administration; Non-profit administration; community health.
Committee Assignment: Quality Assurance.

Michelle Muench, MD

Appointed: February, 2010. Currently serving her second term.
Education: Gustavus Adolphus College, B.A. and University of Minnesota Medical School, MD,
Professional Background: Ophthalmologist
Committee Assignments: Governance & Planning, Quality Assurance.

Steve O’Neill

Appointed: January 2011. Currently serving his first full term.
Education: St. Olaf College, B.A., University of St. Thomas, M.A.
Professional Background: Psychologist
Committee Assignment: Community Relations, Governance & Planning.

Jonathan Reppe

Appointed: January, 2014. Currently serving a one-year term.
Professional Background: Law
Committee Assignment: Budget & Finance, Community Relations.

James Schlichting, Vice Chair

Appointed: June, 2006. Currently serving his third full term.
Education: St. Olaf College, B.A., and Rutgers University Law School
Professional Background: Attorney, Mediator
Committee Assignment: Governance & Planning,  Budget & Finance.