Preparing for Your Stay

Your Care Team

You are the center of the care team here at Northfield Hospital. Our specially-trained professionals work with you to ensure that you will have the best possible medical care and comfort during your stay.

  • An attending physician will carefully direct your treatment. This physician often consults with other doctors and may confer with your personal physician to ensure that you will receive the best care.
  • Nurse with Electronic Medical RecordThe nursing team will focus on assessment, treatment, monitoring, and teaching for you and your family. Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants may all help care for you during your stay.
  • Other members of the health care team include:
    Social Workers — who can assist you and your family in dealing with planning for your discharge from the Hospital as well as the psychosocial problems that may result from your illness and hospitalization
    Therapists — who are specially-trained to aid you on your road to recovery
    Laboratory and Diagnostic Staff — who will perform the tests ordered by your physician
    Medical Nutrition Therapists — who may develop a treatment plan with you, based on your nutritional needs
    Chaplains — who are available to assist you and your family with your spiritual needs and concerns.
    Volunteers — who may help transport you and provide information to visitors
  • Many other dedicated individuals who work behind the scenes in the Pharmacy, Nutrition
    Services, Facility Services, Housekeeping, Administration, and various other departments

Your Room

Your Call Signal
When you need assistance, press the button on the nurse call signal handset. Someone may answer your call through an intercom to ask what you need, or your call will be answered in person by a member of the nursing team. For emergencies, there is a signal cord in each of the patients’ bathrooms.

Your Bed
Your bed is operated electrically. Your nurse will show you how to operate your bed safely. You may notice that hospital beds are probably higher and narrower than your bed at home. Bed rails may be helpful to help you move around the bed. They are also for your protection. They may be raised at night or during the day, if you’re resting, recovering from surgery, or
taking certain medications.

Your Telephone
Your telephone number is (507) 646-1(your room number) (e.g., 646-1245 for room #245). Relatives and friends may call you directly from outside the Hospital, if you give them the telephone number of your room.

When calling a number within the Hospital, it is necessary to dial only the last four digits. It is possible to dial any local call directly from the telephone at your bedside. To make a local call, dial “9” and then the 7-digit telephone number. There is no charge for making a local call. Long distance calls must be made “collect” or charged to a “calling card” or major credit card. To place a long distance call, dial “9,” then “0,” followed by the area code and 7-digit telephone number. At the tone, enter the calling card number or wait for the operator to come on line.

Your Television
Your television is provided to you free of additional charge. It has network TV channels, cable TV channels, and a variety of music channels. The controls for the television set are located on the nurse call signal handset. Channel 99 offers the Hospital’s menus and activity schedules.

Your Meals
Breakfast is served, “room service” style, between 7:30 and 9:00 a.m. Refer to the breakfast menu in your room and then call Ext. 1022 with your order. Your breakfast will be delivered to your room within one-half hour after you have placed your order.

Certain diet restrictions cannot be accommodated by the room service menu, so a traditional tray will be served.

For meals other than breakfast, you will receive a menu for the next day. You should circle your choices and keep the menu until a member of the Nutrition Services staff picks it up from you.

If it is necessary to delay or cancel a meal because of special tests you are to have, you will be served a snack before the next meal. If you would like information about your diet, please ask your nurse or doctor to request a visit by one of the Hospital’s medical nutrition therapists.

Your Visitors

Your care team at Northfield Hospital encourages your family and friends to visit you. It may be helpful for your visitors to know the following:

  • The Hospital’s main entrance is open between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. If it is necessary for family members to enter the Hospital at other times, please have them use the Emergency Department entrance.
  • Visitors of patients who are in isolation must follow certain procedures. A sign on the door
    of the room will indicate that special precautions are necessary. Members of the nursing
    staff will provide specific instructions regarding the procedures that visitors must follow
    before they can enter the patient’s room.
  • Restrooms for visitors may be found near the central nurses’ station or in the public hallways.
  • Visitors may request meal trays (for a minimal charge) or they may eat in the Northern
    Lights Cafe, found on the lower level of the Hospital building.

Your Health and Safety

While you are in the Hospital, the nursing staff will give you the medicine that has been prescribed by your physician. If you have brought any medicines with you to the Hospital (including vitamins or herbal products), please let your nurse know so that they can be stored in a secure location for you. Please do not use any of your own medications while you are staying in the Hospital.

Money and Valuables
Please do not keep anything valuable in your bedside stand, closet, or shelves. You are encouraged to leave any valuables at home or have a family member take them. You should take with you to the Hospital only items such as sleeping clothes and toiletries that you may want for yourself.

Cell Phones
Cell phones and digital phones may interfere with critical equipment in the Hospital. Please do not use these phones within three feet of any patient who is connected to medical equipment or monitoring devices.

Smoke-Free Environment
Northfield Hospital is a non-smoking facility. If you smoke, please talk with your doctor and nurse about ways to make your stay here more comfortable.

For your safety and the safety of other patients and staff members, no smoking is permitted anywhere on the Hospital’s grounds. Visitors may smoke only in their personal vehicles.

Additional Services

Patient Financial Services
If you have any questions about your financial information, please see the brochure about Patient Financial Services or ask to speak with a representative of this department.

A non-denominational chapel is located on the lower level, just outside of the Long Term Care Center. Patients and their families are invited to visit this quiet area at any time. You may want to check Channel 99 on your TV for times that services are scheduled there.

Mail Service
Mail, packages, and flowers will be delivered to your room as soon as possible after they arrive at the Front Desk of the Hospital. If packages and mail arrive after you have been discharged, they will be forwarded to your home address.

Gift Shop
Located on the upper level (just off the main lobby of the Hospital), the Kaleidoscope Gift Shop carries an assortment of gift items, flowers, magazines, newspapers, and snacks. The hours of the Gift Shop are from 10:00 until 4:30 p.m., Mondays through Fridays, and from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays. To call the Gift Shop, please dial Ext. 1083.

Patient Surveys
Your opinions are very valuable to us. Please feel free to ask any questions or make any suggestions that you may have during your stay. After you have been discharged, you may receive a confidential patient survey. We hope that you will use that opportunity to tell us about your visit to Northfield Hospital and any ways you feel we can make your stay more comfortable.