Going Home

Car seatDischarge from the hospital may occur anytime in the morning after your doctor has been to discharge you and your baby. The usual length of stay for a vaginal delivery is two nights; length of stay for cesarean section mothers is three to four nights. You may choose to go home after lunch; in this case, discharge by 1 p.m. is preferred.

A Public Health nurse referral will be offered to parents meeting the criteria. The Public Health nurse will visit with you at your home one or more times. She may weigh your baby, assist with breastfeeding, answer mother and infant care questions, and provide information about other support services available within the community. The first visit is a free service of the County.

The staff at First Touch Birth Center understands the importance of post-partum support for families after they have left the hospital. We offer 24-hour telephone support and consultation (call us at 507-646-1205), and offer referrals to a number of community resources. Please visit the Parent Resources page of this website for more information about these resources.