Infant Safety

In the time following your delivery, your baby will receive two identification bands which match a wrist band given to both you and your partner in care. You will also receive an infant safety information sheet. This brochure details our infant safety procedures and instructs you to place your baby within our locked nursery when you or your partner in care will not be with the baby (such as while you shower or bathe).

Baby with ID tagMinnesota state law requires that your baby not leave the hospital in a vehicle without first being placed in an acceptable infant car seat. Infant car seats come in many styles and sizes. While safety is your greatest concern, ease of use and size are also factors you will want to consider when shoosing a car seat. The five-point harness style is recommended as the safest for your baby. More information regarding car seats is available upon request from the First Touch Birth Center. Northfield Hospital co-sponsors monthly Car Seat Safety Clinics, held the second Saturday of each month at CarTime Used Vehicles Center in Dundas.   and

Smoking in your home has been shown to increase the chance of respiratory infection and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in the newborn. If you or a member of your household smokes, please talk to your physician regarding a smoking cessation program.

A brief Shaken Baby prevention DVD is required by the MN Department of health.