When to Come to the Hospital

As your delivery date draws near, your doctor will give you instructions about when you should come to the hospital. Usually these instructions include calling the hospital:

  • Your water breaks with a gush, or sometimes an ongoing trickle of fluids. Do not wait until contractions start.  Call the hospital and come in.Nursery
  • Regular contractions.  With true labor, the time between contractions will gradually shorten and the intensity gradually increases.  Typically we recommend that the contractions be around 5 minutes apart for an hour before you come in.
  • Bleeding that is bright red and more than a couple of tablespoons, is an indication for you to come to the hospital immediately.  Even if it is not accompanied by any pain or discomfort.
  • Bloody show or small amounts of bloody mucous (pink, brown, red or clear) is normal and may or may not accompany the start of labor.  It is also common to see for up to 48 hours after a vaginal exam.
  • Decrease in your baby’s activity.
  • Any elevation of temperature above 100.4 F.

You may call the First Touch Birth Center at 507-646-1205 at any time with questions or concerns.

We do request that you call the First Touch Birth Center prior to your arrival at the hospital, so that we may better prepare for the birth of your child.

Directions to Northfield Hospital are available here.»
When you come to the hospital, please enter through the Emergency Department doors on the north side of the hospital. Stop at the desk to register for labor and delivery. They will direct you to the First Touch Birth Center.