Breast Care Center

Breast Care CenterThe Breast Care Center has a breast cancer support group that meets the third Tuesday of each month and is open to all, no matter where they are in their breast cancer journey. For more information, call 507-646-1455.

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Northfield Hospital’s Breast Care Center provides an important, integrated service that combines high-end, digital imaging with personalized education and support. It resides in Northfield Hospital just a few steps from Women’s Health Center and FamilyHealth Medical Clinic, making for seamless care from our healthcare team.

One out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. The Breast Care Center is organized to provide timely diagnosis and critical information and counsel to help patients better understand their diagnosis and treatment options.

 The Breast Care Center’s services are provided in a quiet, comfortable setting where patients’ privacy needs are honored as patients access information on best practices and referrals. A nurse navigator will help patients with their decision-making process and help with scheduling and education. Highly trained surgeons and radiologists are available to help each patient understand her treatment options.

Make spring screening part of your spring ritual

Northfield Hospital’s Breast Care Center is inviting women to combine an important Spring Screening with their seasonal spring cleaning. Those who schedule mammograms the week of May 19 will receive a complementary potted plant and refreshments. For an appointment, call 507-646-1143.

 Early detection of breast cancer is known to save lives and increase treatment options. The American Cancer Society recommends annual mammogram screenings beginning at age 40 for women at average risk of breast cancer. 

 Sandy Mulford, Director of Diagnostic Imaging at Northfield Hospital, said the “Spring Screening” is an effort to encourage women to have their annual mammogram.

 “It’s easy to remember the importance of annual mammography during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, but this important screening can be tended to year-round,” said Mulford.. 

All mammography exams are performed on a direct digital system, utilizing advanced Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) software and skilled radiologist interpretation. Patients benefit from a padded mammogram table that makes the screening as comfortable as possible, and from supportive, experienced technologists who have specialty certification specific to mammography.