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Northfield Hospital provides comprehensive endoscopy services by experienced physicians. Patients are also seen at FamilyHealth Medical Clinics in Northfield and Farmington.

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What Is Endoscopy?
Endoscopy is a medical procedure used to examine the interior surfaces of an organ or tissue. It requires the use of a device called an endoscope, a thin, flexible tube with a light source and camera attached to it. When it is inserted into the body, the physician is able to visually inspect the body’s interior through real-time video.

Endoscopy is used to confirm a diagnosis, establish the extent of a medical problem and to perform surgical procedures when necessary. The procedure is recorded for later review by the physician. It often provides valuable information for the doctor and patient when determining a plan of care.

There are many types of procedures that are performed using an endoscope. At Northfield Hospital, that includes the following procedures:

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