Where is Hospice?

Depending on the patient’s preference and medical condition, the abilities of family and friends, the safety of the environment, and financial considerations, the patient may choose to be:

At home – The services of Hospice make it possible for patients to receive professional health care at home.

In a care facility – Members of the Hospice team participate at assisted living and skilled nursing facilities in Northfield and the surrounding area, providing Hospice care in collaboration with the staff in these facilities.

Reflections Care Suites is a facility located in Northfield that serves individuals at the end-of-life. Those who choose to stay at Reflections may also choose to enroll in a hospice program. For clarification it is important to note that although persons residing at Reflections live in a hospice facility, additional support is often beneficial and is available by choosing to enroll in a hospice program. Questions about this distinction can be directed to Kathy Blomquist, Director of Hospice at Northfield Hospital, 507-646-1457.