Long Term Care Center

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The Long Term Care Center at Northfield Hospital is a 40-bed care facility conveniently located on the lower level of Northfield Hospital. It provides comprehensive skilled nursing care and life enrichment.

Services we provide:
— Medical and post-surgical rehabilitation                             — Comfort care and/or hospice care
— IV therapy administration                                                              coordinate with a certified hospice provider
— Medication management                                                             — Physical, occupational and speech therapies
— Tracheostomy care                                                                        — Life enriching activites
— Respiratory care                                                                              — Beauty and barber services
— Wound care                                                                                        — All private rooms with a private bath
— Pain Management

Short Term Transitional Care/Rehabilitation
We offer short-term rehabilitation. This is offered when a patient may not need an acute hospital setting, but is not yet strong enough to return home. Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists offer rehabilitative therapy with the goal of the patient returning to independent living.

Long Term Care
The Northfield Hospital Long Term Care Center also provides skilled nursing care for those who need 24-hour long-term care. The staff is trained to encourage life skills and daily activities to promote a sense of purpose and community.

Whether here for short-term rehabilitation or long-term care, all residents enjoy a private room with a private bath, cable television and local phone service at no additional charge.

Financing Your Stay
The Northfield Hospital Long Term Care Center accepts Medicare, Medical Assistance, private pay and most major insurances.

Case mix classification or daily charge is based on how much care is needed. Rates are determined by the State of Minnesota. Our facility is licensed by the State of Minnesota. All qualifying residents will be reviewed for coverage as part of the admission process.

For more information or a guided tour, call Social Services at 507-646-1147.

IMG_2402 (2)Dogs are welcome at Long Term Care Center

The dogs do create a buzz.

They enjoy “rock star” status when they turn up at Northfield Hospital’s Long Term Care Center. Residents pet them, feed them and make them the topic of mealtime conversation. In return, the dogs lift spirits and spark an emotional awakening in residents who otherwise may be burdened with loneliness, anxiety, depression or just the monotony of daily routine.

Kari Hunter, Activities Coordinator at the care center, says she would like to have more pets visiting on a regular basis, the more the better.

“We could use pet visitors every day,” she said.

The dogs really do have a sixth sense, Kari says. They appeal to a range of senses — sight, sound, smell, touch — and have an innate ability to connect with people. And because most people have had a relationship with a pet in their lifetime, the canine visitors evoke fond memories and prompt conversation and story sharing.

Cheri Duran brings her yellow Labrador, Maggie, to Long Term Care almost every Saturday. She makes her rounds, going room-to-room. It is a heart-warming ritual.

“It never ceases to amaze me the relationship that occurs between the dog and the resident,” she said.

They say dogs can sense when someone is not feeling well and needs extra attention. Maggie is proof positive.