Sleep Center Checkout Instructions


  1. Readings from your sleep test will be sent to a sleep study physician to review and interpret.  We cannot give you the results today. 


  1. Please schedule a follow up appointment with the physician or practitioner who ordered your test.  This follow up appointment should be scheduled for 2 weeks after your test, unless otherwise directed by your physician. During this follow up appointment the results of the test and treatment options will be discussed with you.


  1. If your physician / practitioner is not associated with the Allina Health Care system or Northfield Family Health Clinics, they need to call Health Information Services to retrieve your sleep study and the results. 


  1. If you would also like to receive a copy of your study and results, you may call Health Information Services at 507-646-1182.  You will need to sign a release form with your contact information on it.  They will be available after 2 weeks.


  1. Please be sure to take all of your personal belongings with you when you leave the Sleep Center.




Thank you for choosing Northfield Hospital for your sleep study.