Pregnancy Care at Northfield's Women's Health Center

Mom with newbornPregnancy and the birth of your baby are unique and deeply personal experiences. We are honored to serve as your physicians during this special time in your life.

Obstetric appointments may be scheduled at any of our locations in Northfield, Farmington or Lakeville. Our physicians deliver babies at Northfield Hospital’s First Touch Birth Center.

Physicians who specialize in high-risk pregnancies also see patients at Women’s Health Center to provide care locally to women with more complicated pregnancies.

To make an appointment, call:

  • Women’s Health Center, Northfield: 507-646-1478
  • FamilyHealth Medical Clinic–Farmington: 651-460-2300
  • FamilyHealth Medical Clinic–Lakeville: 952-469-0500

How to Contact Us After Hours

After hours OB on-call contact information is available here.

Preparing a birth plan and touring First Touch Birth Center

In addition to attending childbirth preparation classes, many expectant parents find it comforting to visit First Touch Birth Center for a tour of the facilities and to formulate a birth plan with our labor nurses. We recommend scheduling this appointment between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy (1-2 months before your due date).

Call First Touch Birth Center at 507-646-1205 to schedule your appointment. The Childbirth Education flyer is available here.        2015 Childbirth Ed Flyer

Obstetric Topics of Interest and Links

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