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Birth Center Expansion

Birth Center Expansion

We are excited to unveil our expanded birth center! With fresh new spaces – and more birth options – to welcome even more babies in our nurturing, family-centered environment.

We designed the space with feedback from new moms including thoughtful touches like our first-ever Water Birth Suite, soaking tubs for hydrotherapy, huge windows with calming nature views, baby bath sinks, in-room fridge for your own food and beverages, room-darkening blinds, and more seating for family and friends.The Birth Center expansion makes room for 750 babies a year.

Highlights include:

  • New labor and delivery rooms
  • New water birth suite
  • New labor and delivery rooms
  • New patient rooms
  • New triage room
  • New nursery
  • New operating room for cesarean sections
  • New triage room
  • Remodel of current patient rooms
  • New larger, more comfortable waiting room

Welcome to the Water Birth Suite

Water birth is a popular alternative for women who prefer natural childbirth. Laboring in warm water can feel calming, relieve pain, and reduce the risk of tearing during birth. 

Our water birth suite features an active birth tub – a large, luxurious tub that gives mom freedom of movement. It features multi-level ledges for resting, getting into different positions or allowing the support person to be on the edge of the pool. It's accessible from three sides so it's easy to monitor and support mom.

When baby arrives, there is a gentle transition onto mom’s chest for bonding. Our Waterbirth Suite features everything needed to labor and deliver in warm, soothing water . . .  plus all the resources of a standard labor and delivery room, if needed. Talk to your provider if you are interested in a water birth. Learn more about the Water Birth Suite. 

New Large Labor and Delivery Rooms

  • 3 new, family friendly labor rooms
  • 1 new water birth suite
  • Large windows with calming nature views
  • Natural birth aids such as squat bar, birth/labor sling, birthing chairs, birthing ball, peanut ball, yoga blocks, beanbag chair and aromatherapy
  • Variety of seating including rocker, recliner, couch
  • Soaking tubs and showers for hydrotherapy
  • Private fridge for your own food and beverages
  • Room darkening blinds

New Large Patient Rooms

  • Large, private patient rooms
  • Queen bed or hospital bed
  • Baby bath sinks for baby's first bath
  • Soaking tub for hydrotherapy
  • Lots of counter space for your personal items
  • Private fridge for your own food and beverages
  • Room darkening blinds
  • New sleep chairs that fold down into bed for support person
  • Variety of seating for family and friends

New Nursery

Most babies will stay in the room with the family, but there are times when you may need to have your new little one in the nursery. The new nursery features a colorful, open design. There are recliners and rocking chairs for parents to spend time with their babies in the nursery.