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Community Paramedic - Healthcare That Comes To You



      Community Paramedics

      Your primary care provider wants you to receive more personalized attention in reaching your health care goals by having a Community Paramedic visit you. A Community Paramedic from Northfield Hospital + Clinics will come to your home, work or any place that is convenient for you. A Community Paramedic (CP) is an experienced paramedic with advanced health care training who will assist you in meeting your health care goals. CPs provide health care services and are also able to connect you with community services that you might need to achieve your goals such as transportation or food assistance. They advocate for you.

      What to Expect from a Community Paramedic Visit

      You will get a phone call from a CP to set up an appointment. During the visit, the CP may help you make a health care assessment, review medicines, review any challenges that are preventing you from being healthy, assist in finding resources to help you, and listen to your questions and concerns. They will also provide health education and ways to manage your condition to both you and any of your caregivers.

      Services include:

      • Health screening assessment
      • Lab specimen collection
      • Medication management
      • Wound care
      • Chronic disease education
      • and monitoring
      • Home safety assessments
      • Pre-surgical screenings
      • Post-discharge follow-up care
      • Connect to community services
      • And more…

      What to Do Before the Visit

      • Gather all your paperwork from the hospital/clinic
      • Have your medications together
      • Encourage anyone who may be involved with your care to come and meet the CP

      Provider Referral

      If you’re a provider and you wish to enlist CP services for your patient, please contact our office at 507-646-1420 or email us at