Do you have tendon pain too? Tenex may help.

Do you have tendon pain too? Tenex may help.

Tenex is a one-time treatment for chronic tendon pain. Ultrasound pinpoints damaged tendon tissue; a microtip tool cuts and removes the damaged tissue without disturbing healthy tissue, allowing the tendon to heal. The procedure takes just minutes, with local anesthetic and no stitches required. Recovery takes about six to eight weeks. 

Tenex can treat:

·        Plantar fasciitis

·        Achilles tendinosis

·        Shoulder tendinosis

·        Hip tendinosis

·        Tennis elbow

·        Golfer's elbow

·        Jumper's knee

Is Tenex right for you?

·        Can you point with one finger where your pain is the worst?

·        Have you experienced pain for 3 months or longer, and is it worse with movement?

·        Have you tried conservative treatments (ice, rest, physical therapy, braces) to address your pain?

·        Have you reduced or modified your activity level because of pain?

An orthopedic surgeon or sports medicine physician can determine if Tenex can help you.

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