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Jane Shorter

Jane Shorter healed the wounds (and worry) that surgery left behind.

Jane Shorter healed the wounds (and worry) that surgery left behind.

Jane developed difficult wounds after cancer surgery and radiation. To heal them, Jane needed hyperbaric oxygen therapy: This therapy delivers 100% oxygen to the patient inside a pressurized chamber, enabling the lungs to take in more oxygen. The bloodstream carries the extra oxygen to the injured area to fight bacteria and stimulate growth factors and stem cells that promote healing.

Jane needed daily treatments. But after months of traveling from her Lonsdale home to Rochester for surgery and radiation, Jane wanted an option closer to home.

From the first time she met with her care team at NH+C’s Wound Healing Center, “they were very caring and considerate,” Jane says. “They wanted me to get better. They got me scheduled right away, and worked diligently to get me what I needed,” including PE tubes in her ears to protect her ear drums from pressure changes in the oxygen chamber. (ENT specialist Gerard O’Halloran, MD performed the procedure.) 

Oxygen therapy appointments are long: Jane was in the chamber about two hours for each 90-minute treatment, with time to bring the pressure inside the chamber up (and then down) gradually. “There’s always a nurse there, and they want to make sure you’re comfortable,” with pillows, water bottle, and TV tuned to the station you want, Jane recalls.

“Once it started healing, it healed faster as time went on,” Jane says.

Jane had 45 oxygen treatments, plus weekly appointments to manage dressings, treat seepage, and monitor for infection. Wound specialist Jillian Simon, APRN, FNP-BC, CWON, “immediately changed how I was caring for my wounds at home,” Jane recalls. “If anything looked at all suspicious, the team made adjustments to keep me going with my care.” Surgeon Ellie Cohen, MD examined Jane each week, and coordinated with Mayo surgeons who performed Jane’s earlier surgeries.

“I really felt like I was getting taken care of by everybody,” Jane says. “They’re always upbeat, and very caring. That makes a big difference when you’re going through a health challenge.”

After 3 months, Jane’s wounds were fully healed. “It was a very good experience in a bad situation.”

“They always know me at Northfield Hospital, and that makes me feel good,” Jane adds. “It is such quality care. Whatever trouble I have, I’m hitting the ground running with this team, because they know me and that helps physically as well as emotionally.”

Jane’s advice for others facing post-surgical wounds: “If you don’t think it’s healing right, get to the Wound Healing Center. When you’ve had trauma in your life and need a little TLC, it’s there.”

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