Marcia Peterson

What led me to Northfield Hospital & Clinics

In June 2013 at age 52, I was diagnosed with Stage IIa, HER2 positive breast cancer that spread to my lymph nodes. The diagnosis came as a shock as I had no family history of cancer and my mammogram only 7 months prior was normal. Luckily, through breast self-exam, I found the tumor. It wasn’t a round, hard lump that I was taught to look for. Instead, the tumor presented itself as a large irregular area that felt thicker than the rest of my breast.

My Experience

And so my cancer journey began. I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction along with the removal of 20 lymph nodes, Chemo IV Port surgery, 16 rounds of chemo, 1 year of targeted Herceptin IV treatments, 5 weeks radiation and 2 additional surgeries due to an infection. I had my care in Northfield. I faced each treatment and surgery with determination and (most days) a positive attitude. I was sad to see what was happening to my body, but I knew that I had to fight hard in order to live.

Where I'm at Now

Despite finishing my treatments a year ago, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t worry about a recurrence. I hope the fear will get better with time. Cancer has made me realize how much I am loved. It reminds me to never take those I love for granted and to always make a difference for others. Cancer has taught me to enjoy each and every day. My faith has increased and my friends multiplied. I am blessed.

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