COVID vaccine rollout continues: Update on local, state status

January 15, 2021

JANUARY 15, 2021 – As COVID vaccines roll out, Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is providing more flexibility for hospitals and healthcare systems to use all available doses as quickly as possible, offering available doses to individuals most at need for protection, including those over 65. MDH’s position follows significant changes earlier this week in federal guidance on vaccine distribution.

NH+C does not have doses available for individuals over 65 at this time. We will make vaccine available when we have it. NH+C does not have a waitlist for vaccines. Please don’t call or plan a vaccine visit at this time.

NH+C is working in coordination with MDH plus regional and local Public Health to help vaccinate people in the first phase (Phase 1a) of the state’s priority list. Phase 1a includes workers in long-term care facilities, dental offices, pharmacies, public health clinics, mental/behavioral health settings, correctional settings, and group homes.

Minnesota relies on the federal government to provide vaccine. The state is urging the federal government to provide more vaccine immediately.

“It will be some time before the federal government provides our state with enough vaccine to cover all those currently eligible,” said Minnesota Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm in a statement. “The reality is that we have far more Minnesotans wanting the vaccine than we have doses available from the federal government. . . . Now we desperately need the federal government to step up and provide us with more vaccine.”

The state and federal government drive the vaccine delivery process and timeline. Vaccine rollout is happening differently in different states based on federal guidelines that each state adapts based on capacity and supplies in that state.

Minnesota’s vaccine rollout plans will continue to evolve. Get updates at


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