Patient and Family Advisory Council

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Include Always Patient & Family Advisory Council
A Patient Partnership Program

Thank you for your interest in shaping how Northfield Hospital &  Clinics provides care. We recognize the benefit of patient and  family involvement as we strive to improve the experiences and  services at Northfield Hospital & Clinics. We appreciate your willingness to share feedback about your experiences. 

Northfield Hospital & Clinics offers a patient partnership program  called Include Always. In partnership with Minnesota Hospital  Association’s Include Always program, participants help shape how  Northfield Hospital & Clinics provides care. Patients and families  can participate in Include Always which will meet quarterly to  identify topics of interest in building the partnership with  Northfield Hospital & Clinics staff members.

Questions & Answers

What’s “in it for me” to participate?
This is an opportunity to have direct input in  Northfield Hospital & Clinics services and care  delivery as well as share ideas for improvements.

Will refreshments or meals be provided?
Refreshments, snacks or a light meal will be  provided for in-person meetings.

How will I be contacted?
You may be contacted by your preferred method,  either phone or email.

What is the Include Always time commitment?
For Include Always, you are asked to participate in a council  meeting a minimum of four times annually.

What abilities or skills does an Include Always council member possess?

  • Listens to differing opinions and shares different points of  view
  • Displays positive and supportive attitude toward  improvement of Northfield Hospital & Clinics
  • Shares information and insight from their experiences
  • Sees beyond their own personal experiences
  • Collaborates with diverse individuals in a group setting
  • Shows concern for more than one issue or agenda
  • Respects the perspectives of others
  • Speaks honestly and comfortably in a group
  • Works well in close partnership with others
  • Maintains confidentiality

How long is my Include Always commitment?
The minimum term is for 1 year with a maximum term of 3 years. Since the role is completely voluntary, you may end  your commitment at any time.

How do I Apply?
To be considered for Include Always, simply complete the  Patient & Family Advisory Council Application and email it or mail it to:

Northfield Hospital & Clinics Patient Advocate
2000 North Avenue
Northfield, MN 55057

Have any additional questions about the Northfield Hospital & Clinics  Patient Partnership Program? Call 507-646-1509. 

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