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Six questions with Mukti Patel, PA-C

Six questions with Mukti Patel, PA-C

First job? I was a Candy Striper at a hospital in Georgia when I was 14. It opened my eyes to the hospital, and it was an interesting place to be and to help people. That experience got me interested in medicine.

Free time? I spend a lot of time with my daughters, who are 5 and 7; we live a very busy life with soccer and gymnastics. I also have an art room, where we do art projects and scrapbooking. And we love to travel; my husband is from England, and when we go there to visit we try to visit a different country too each time. My daughters have seen more of the world than they have of the U.S. – we need to work on that!

Best part of your work? I enjoy getting to know people. Sometimes our conversation may go a bit longer during an appointment because I’m getting to know them – their family situation, what they enjoy doing. That gives a lot of insight that helps me better treat patients, because we will make a care plan together. It helps to listen; people don’t always want to give you their personal information at first. I like getting to know people on different levels because it helps with my thought process and creating treatment plans.

Best advice you ever got? In medical school, we were told “Think of the patient as your mother.” I try to treat people as important as family members.

Why healthcare? It may have been ingrained in me by my grandmother, who told me that when I grew up I’d be a doctor and take care of her. My grandparents lived with my family; every night I would rub her back, and I’d take her for walks. I’m first-generation raised in America; my grandparents are from India, my parents were born in Africa, I was born in Africa and raised in the U.S. Education – to make something of yourself – is very important to my family.

If not healthcare, what would you be doing? I would love to travel. My family loves to go far away and see different things; we try not to go to the same place too many times. I enjoy art, so I would like to take art classes. My oldest daughter loves to do art together, and she’s so creative. She gives me great advice when we’re doing a project together!