About Us

Northfield Hospital & Clinics is an independent, integrated  health care organization providing a wide range of healthcare services to patients throughout the southern metro region.

A Regional Medical Destination

Northfield Hospital & Clinics’ regional approach is designed to extend primary care services throughout the area and provide the patient base necessary to develop important specialty practices, such as cardiology and oncology, and make them more accessible to area residents.

The Clinics of Northfield Hospital & Clinics

Our individual clinics include the primary and specialty care FamilyHealth Clinics located in Lonsdale, Northfield, Farmington, Elko New Market and Lakeville.  The Northfield Hospital & Clinics network also features specialty clinics, including Women’s Health Center, Orthopaedic & Fracture Clinic, and Northfield Eye Physicians & Surgeons.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation services are available at the Center for Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation (with locations in Northfield and Lakeville) and Children’s Therapy & Speech. For more information about each facility, see Clinics & Centers.

Integrated Care

Each of Northfield Hospital & Clinics’ facilities works together to make sure the patient receives the best possible care.  Network-wide electronic medical records make it easy for patients to move between our clinics, Northfield Hospital and other services of Northfield Hospital & Clinics for care.


Northfield Hospital & Clinics is owned by the City of Northfield. The governing board, the Board of Trustees, is appointed by the mayor and approved by the City Council.