Family Centered Cesarean Birth

Birth Is Amazing No Matter How It Happens

A cesarean birth (c-section) is both a momentous and miraculous event in the life of a family, and a major surgical procedure. A family centered cesarean birth, sometimes called a gentle c-section, provides mom, baby and support person with as close to a vaginal childbirth experience as possible.

We create a family centered experience that allows the focus to be on the baby and allows for immediate family bonding. Bringing the desired features of a vaginal delivery into the operating room, such as listening to music, being able to see baby being born, and immediate skin-to-skin bonding, creates a more peaceful, calm and relaxing experience.

What happens during a family centered cesarean birth?

When your baby is ready to be born, a clear surgical drape will be in place so that you can watch the miraculous birth of your baby. Your new baby will be placed immediately on your chest for skin-to-skin bonding. Delayed cord clamping, examination of your baby and any testing will be done on your chest or when held by your significant other. If possible, and desired, you can also begin breastfeeding your baby. Your baby will remain with you as you are transferred from the operating room to your room.

Benefits of a Family Centered Cesarean Section:

  • Improve breastfeeding success
  • Enhance/promote bonding of mother and baby
  • Regulate baby’s temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood glucose levels
  • Reduce stress for mom and baby
  • Enhance satisfaction of the birth experience for the mother and significant other
  • Help mothers cope who have experienced previous birth trauma 
  • Give families a sense of empowerment and control.
  • Increase satisfaction of the overall birth experience for families.

Features Include:

  • A clear surgical drape that allows viewing the birth
  • You can bring a musical playlist to listen to during the c-section
  • A nurse can take pictures of as little or as much as you would like
  • Aromatherapy
  • Immediate skin-to-skin for you and baby
  • Decreased amount of time that the newborn is on the warmer
  • Breastfeeding if possible
  • Baby’s assessments are done on your chest or while being held by significant other
  • Baby remains with you during the entire surgery, and transfer to your room
  • 30 seconds of delayed cord clamping
    • Delayed cord clamping is when the umbilical cord is not clamped or cut right after the baby is born
    • Benefits include: improved hematocrit, improved iron status as measured by ferritin concentration and stored iron, a reduction in the risk of newborn anemia and need for transfusion
  • Queen bed after delivery if available

We want women to feel honored, respected, and treated with kindness no matter how they birth their baby.