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In labor?  Do you need to schedule a pre/early pregnancy tour or a Birth Plan review in the last month of pregnancy?  Call us directly at 507-646-1205

Why the Birth Center

We know the birthing experience is a very special time for you and your family! The Birth Center welcomes over 500 new babies into the world each year. We offer a nurturing, family-centered and safe environment that allows you to focus on the miracle of your new baby.   Families really enjoy the continuity of care as many will have the same nurse the day after delivery as during.  They understand your journey and your personal and baby care education needs. 

Services we offer:

  • Large private birthing rooms with whirlpool tubs,  birthing balls   and scenic views
  • State-of-the-art infant security with  mom/baby electronic identification system
  • Epidural and nitrous oxide, as well as natural childbirth support  
  • Movement encouraged during labor with intermittent or telemetry fetal monitoring
  • Breastfeeding  consultation and coaching
  •  Mom/Partner/Baby rooming together encouraged
  • Cesarean birth & recovery with care partner at your side and baby skin-to-skin as you wish

Childbirth  Education Classes 

Classes offered include: Prepared Childbirth, Baby Basics, Breastfeeding Basics, Birth Planning Session, Baby Talk and Clase Prenatal para Latinos. For more information on any of these classes, click HERE.

Birth Planning and PreRegistration

A birth plan lets us know your wishes for your child's birth. When completing your birth plan, you will answer questions regarding your birth experience: labor, delivery, baby care/feeding education needs, etc. This helps us to provide the individualized care you want during your delivery.  It also helps us collect information for pre-registration to the hospital as well as for the birth certificate.   Please complete and print all 4  forms and bring them with you when you come for your tour or are in labor. - Birth Plan Form, Health History Form,   Pre-Admission and Birth Certificate  Form .

In the last month of your pregnancy, schedule a tour and Birth Plan review.  Our staff will be happy to discuss care options and answer any questions you may have.

How Do I Know if I'm in Labor?

Call the Hospital if you experience any of the following:

  1. Your water breaks with a gush, or sometimes even an on-going trickle of fluids.  Do not wait until contractions start. Call the  Birth Center (OB) and come in to the hospital.
  2. Regular contractions. With true labor, the time between contractions will gradually shorten and the intensity gradually increases. Typically, we recommend that the contractions be around 5 minutes apart for an hour before you come in. 
  3.  Bleeding that is bright red and more than a couple of tablespoons, is an indication for you to come to the hospital immediately. Even if it is not accompanied by any pain or discomfort.**“Bloody Show” or small amounts of bloody mucous (pink, brown, red or clear)  is normal and may or may not accompany the start of labor. It is also common to see for up to 48 hours after a vaginal exam.   
  4.  Decrease in your baby’s activity.
  5.  Any elevation of temperature above 100.4º F

What should I bring to the hospital?


  • Bathing/Shower supplies
  • Clothes for going home
  • Music of your choice
  • Snacks for support person/you
  • Robe/nightgown
  • Comfortable clothing if you choose to wear your own
  • Flip flop/ slippers (walking around)
  • Entertainment (DVD in Postpartum rooms, games, etc.)


  • Outfit for going home
  • Pacifiers (if using)
  • T-shirt/onesie
  • Blankets (receiving, etc.)
  • Car seat (with no aftermarket products- snow suit, toys etc.)

Lactation Consultant (Breastfeeding)

We recognize the importance of the many decisions you will be making to help your infant be the healthiest they can be.  All of our nurses are trained in lactation support and we strive to do our part in helping you meet your breastfeeding goals.  Once you are home, we encourage you to attend Baby Talk, a weekly support group for new moms.   Lactation questions are addressed there by our certified lactation consultant.  Phone consultations and one-on-one appointments with the lactation consultant are also available as needed.  Please call 507-646-1205 for an appointment.  We are here for you!  

Baby Care/Pediatrics

Having a baby is an exciting time in your life. If this is your first baby or your fourth, you probably have lots of questions. We’re here to help. As experienced pediatricians and family medicine doctors, we can help you learn how to take care of your baby and answer your questions. We’ll follow you and your baby through these first few months of check-ups all the way to becoming an adult. We take pride in building a positive, supportive relationship with you and your child. We get to really know you and your child and take the time to listen and help. 

After your baby is born one of our providers will see your child every day and talk to you about their care. We will also assist in finding a provider and a clinic in your area for your baby before you leave the hospital. Ask any of the Birth Center staff about our providers. For more information on pediatrics, click HERE.


One care partner is welcome to stay with you at all times.  While in labor, other adult or chaperoned young family members may wait in our lounge or be in your labor room with you as you choose.   Our regular hospital visiting hours are from 11 am-8 pm.  Once your new baby has arrived, you will need your rest. It's best if you provide family/friends with a time frame for them to visit or have them call you before they come.   Your time at the Birth Center provides a valuable opportunity to bond with your newborn, learn baby care and get feeding advice from our highly experienced nurses.  We aim to send our new parents home rested and confident!  

For the health of you and your baby, we ask that those with colds, fever or possibly contagious illness delay visiting you here or at your home until they are well.   All will be encouraged to wash their hands before holding your precious baby!


Staff at the Birth Center and throughout the Northfield Hospital are thoroughly trained to respect the confidentiality of all patients by not discussing medical and family issues with others.   We ask that you also respect the privacy of other patients and their families by not discussing their medical care with us.  Thank you.


Feel free to call us anytime at 507-646-1205 with questions or concerns.  We look forward to caring for you and your new family.

Parent Resources

Babies don't come with instruction manuals, but our resources section can provide you with some useful tips that can make the job of being a new parent a little bit easier.   USDA Support Network


You can watch a variety of educational videos on many mom/baby topics from the comfort of your own home or on your TV in the First Touch Birth Center. To watch at home, click on this link  New Born Channel . Enter Northfield Hospital & Clinic’s password, 40111.


Newborn Screening Information - Minnesota Department of Health -  Information on Newborn Screenings (blood test, hearing and heart screenings) done on all babies before discharge from the hospital.  

Safe Sleep/SIDS prevention

Calm the Crying Baby/ Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome

 Baby Care Recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics - A wide variety of topics. 

Jaundice Information

Public Health Nursing

Rice County – 507-332-5914 or  507-645-9576 ext. 5914
Dakota County – 651-554-6115

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

WIC Information

Rice County – 507-332-6907
Dakota County – 952-891-7525

County Social Services

Rice County – 507-645-4723
Dakota County – 651-554-5611

New Mom’s Network

Northfield – 507-645-5687

Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS)

Northfield – Anne Skoglund 507-663-0099

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)

Northfield – 507-664-3750
Farmington – 651-460-3200
Faribault – 507-333-6460
Lakeville – 952-469-7290


La Leche League International

La Leche League ( Northfield) – 507-663-1045

American Academy of Pediatrics

The Business Case for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding support

Childbirth Classes:   

 For more information on a variety of childbirth classes that are offered both before and after delivery, click Childbirth Classes

Postpartum Support

The staff at the  Birth Center understand the importance of post-partum support for families after they leave the hospital.  We offer 24-hour telephone support  at 507-646-1205, as well as referrals to a number of community resources.


The Birth Center

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Dohm-Palmer, Nicole, MD

Specialty: Obstetrics/Gynecology

Sees patients at: Farmington Clinic, Women’s Health Center - Northfield, The Birth Center

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Fitzloff, April, PA-C

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