Interpreter Services/Language Assistance

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Intérprete  de español:

Interpreter Services Office

Tel: 507-646-1069

Interpreter services are available at no cost to all patients and families who are non-English speakers, or have visual or hearing impairments.  Northfield Hospital + Clinics’  in-house Interpreter Services staff are Spanish interpreters.  For other languages, including American Sign Language, interpreters from outside agencies, over-the-phone interpreting, and/or video-remote-interpreting are available.

Options for non-English language interpretation include:

  • Certified Interpreter, using either a Northfield Hospital + Clinics staff interpreter (Spanish only) or an interpreter from an outside agency
  • Over-the-Phone Interpreting is available 24/7 for any spoken language by using our dual-receiver Cyracom BluePhones or any phone
  • Video-remote-interpreting is available 24/7 for many spoken languages and American Sign Language.