Do The Next Right Thing: Tasha Patrick

February 24, 2023
Tasha Patrick

Tasha Patrick set a table for two.

It was the hospice patient and his wife’s anniversary. It would be their last one together.

NH+C honors select employees each year as part of our Do The Next Right Thing initiative that empowers every individual on staff to help provide the best experience possible for patients, guests, and each other. We're proud to honor Tasha for her gracious care in helping a hospice patient and spouse celebrate this poignant milestone.

The Long Term Care Center traditionally serves anniversary meals for residents. This one was different.

 “We wanted to help them celebrate in a way that felt special, and comfortable to them,” Tasha says.

She brought in a menu from their favorite restaurant and said, “We’d like to treat you to your anniversary meal here.”

Tasha arranged their dinner – plus cupcakes, fresh flowers, piano music, and a table set with white linens in the privacy of the Long Term Care Center lounge.

“It was my honor to be able to do this for them,” Tasha says.

As Activities Coordinator for LTCC Life Enrichment, Tasha takes her inspiration from the residents themselves: “I feel privileged to provide for them -- hearing their stories, meeting them on their journey and being part of it.”

Tasha’s advice: “Every journey is different. Make the best of it, no matter what. Have empathy and compassion, and give people the best experience you can.”

LTCC is different from all other NH+C care because this is residents’ home. Tasha and the Life Enrichment staff foster that by listening well, creating relationships, and making residents comfortable expressing their needs, desires, and feelings – then responding with ideas and activities that make residents feel at home.

Knowing what pleases residents drives a sense of community, too. “Bingo is big for them, which makes it big for me,” Tasha smiles.

Pandemic has made it hard to balance community with health safety. “We humans still need to connect,” Tasha says. Staff has worked hard to provide meaningful activities where residents can engage safely with each other – hallway bowling, a holiday bell concert.

“Life Enrichment activities are important,” Tasha says. “So much care and creativity go into it on a daily basis.”

And milestone days get an extra helping of tender care.