NH+C COO Jerry Ehn to retire

April 2, 2024
COO Jerry Ehn

NH+C’s Chief Operating Officer Jerry Ehn has announced that he will be retiring this summer. The date has not been set, but likely will be in early July. In the intervening time, NH+C leaders will be working alongside Jerry to explore options for filling his role.

Over the last 10 years, Jerry has made an incredible mark on NH+C: Building expansions, growth programs, redesigns, a pandemic, and financial challenges are just a few of the important things that Jerry has steered with his calm and dedicated leadership.

Jerry’s contributions and commitment have benefited NH+C staff and our community throughout these years. He has earned the respect and admiration of those across the organization, and across the industry. 

“Jerry has been my colleague, and friend, for decades,” says CEO Steve Underdahl. “I will miss him. I hope that this next phase of his life is an amazing adventure.”

Congratulations to Jerry on his upcoming retirement.