Six Questions with Jeni Robinson, MD

October 21, 2022
Jeni Robinson

Dr. Jeni Robinson knows patients want to be heard.

As a Family Medicine physician, she cares for patients of all ages in NH+C’s Farmington Clinic. As the parent of a medically high-needs child, she knows how important it is to have a provider who listens. (P.S. She has a soft spot for babies.)

Dr. Robinson answers six questions:

First job? I babysat in exchange for sign language lessons. (I can spell the alphabet, but didn’t get much further than that. I did teach myself to read Braille.) 

Free time? I like to bike around with my kids, go to garage sales, crochet, draw (badly), read virtually anything, play board games. I also have a medically high-needs child who needs numerous appointments, so that takes up a lot of time, too. 

Best part of your work? The privilege of getting to be with someone during a challenging time, and make something that’s scary to them be fun or at least tolerable. I like getting to explain something in a way that empowers the patient to make their own choices. These things build relationships.  

Best advice? “Put on your heat-seeking goggles when you come home.” That means to focus on the people, not the clutter or the to-do list.  

Why healthcare? I saw my sister being born when I was 7 years old, and I was hooked after that. Medical care is really fun and interesting.  And it’s an honor to be involved in the personal lives of people who might be struggling, worried, or in pain.

If not healthcare, what would you be doing? I've thought about teaching, especially because I think most people just need to be encouraged with the right way for them to learn. I’ve also thought about creating a forum for decreasing shame surrounding all bodies.

Appointments: 651-460-2300

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