Staying active indoors

March 28, 2024
Staying active indoors

By Beth Stember, PT


Exercise is important to our physical and mental well-being. But it’s hard to get motivated sometimes – especially when it’s challenging to be outside.


Good news: There are indoor options at home and close by, at low or no cost. Get moving!


Walking indoors 

Online fitness videos

  • Streaming services – make your subscriptions work(out) harder for you. Netflix has Nike Training Club; Prime has yoga and cardio; Roku, Tubi and Crackle each have a range of videos to stream at your convenience 
  • PBS – tap a range of videos for adults and kids, from yoga to full-body workouts
  • YouTube – from simple routines like yoga, Tai Chi and Sit and Be Fit to more challenging workouts for strength, cardio, flexibility; many have introductory videos to get you started, then get more challenging as you progress
  • Library – check out DVDs (old school) or stream via library services like Hoopla and Kanopy; use your library card to connect

For young kids

GoNoodle – a fun, interactive website to get kids (and their grownups) moving. Free; register for games and activities. 

Health insurance

Many health insurance policies include discounts for gym or workout facilities, or fitness equipment for home. Check your policy.

Home sweet home

Any activity that gets your heart rate up is good: vigorous cleaning, marching in place, running up and down stairs, dancing like no one is watching. Aim for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week.   


Please check with your medical provider before starting any exercise program. 


Physical therapist Beth Stember, PT evaluates and treat a variety of neurologic and orthopedic conditions at NH+C’s Rehabilitation Services clinic in Lakeville. She especially enjoys working with adults who have neurologic conditions, vestibular issues, and balance challenges.