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Rachel McIver Morey

Rachel McIver Morey

For Rachel McIver Morey, it all happened so fast.  

Rachel was walking through a Northfield intersection and got hit by a car. Within five minutes, an ambulance was there. 

“They were kind and professional in a scary moment,” Rachel says. “I was impressed how well they managed the real crisis of a car accident with a pedestrian, while navigating COVID safety precautions.” 

The Emergency Department trauma team was ready when Rachel arrived at Northfield Hospital. 

“There was this wall of medical personnel there to receive me,” Rachel recalls. “I thought two things: One, ‘I must be in really bad shape.’ And two, ‘Wow, is everybody here?’ It was an intense moment of awe that the staff was there ready to go the second the ambulance arrived.” 

ED physician Alice Suchomel, MD took charge. The immediate concern was Rachel’s collapsed lung. X-rays showed that Rachel also had broken ribs and a broken leg. Plus, she had a concussion. Dr. Suchomel “was super-efficient, and matter-of-fact about it all,” Rachel recalls. “She listened to me. I wasn’t very articulate because of the concussion, but I felt listened to. I felt so well-cared for.”  

Rachel was kept overnight in the hospital, then home the next day “with pain management, phone numbers for doctors, and follow-up appointments already set up,” she says. “It was all taken care of.” 

A follow-up surgery later that winter also brought Rachel back to NH+C. Alongside her surgeon, NH+C’s Surgical Services team were “calm, competent professionals,” Rachel adds. “It was amazingly fast, and I was home that night.” 

In the months since the accident, Rachel’s life has mostly returned to normal – “just what you want after a catastrophic incident,” she smiles. Reflecting on her whole experience, the most lasting impression is how fast it all happened – not just the accident, but the emergency care.   

“My walk-away thought is ‘Wow, five minutes.’ They got to me so quickly. What a blessing it is to have a local hospital so close,” says Rachel, who grew up in a rural community where the nearest hospital was 45 minutes away. “Having quick access to care makes all the difference in the outcome. That’s a gift.” 

Decisions about emergency medical care are made by the community, based on the planning and resources the community chooses to support, Rachel explains.  

“The moment of crisis isn’t a decision time; it’s decided for you,” Rachel says. “I’m grateful that NH+C has people in place to make caring and wise decisions on my behalf.” 

And fast. 

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