Routine Obstetrical Care

Optional testing includes:

  • >9 weeks: Maternity 21 screening (blood draw) genetic test
  • 10-13 weeks: First trimester screen (blood draw & US) for chromosomal abnormalities
  • 15-21 weeks: AFP test (blood draw) screening test for birth defects or genetic disorders
    • (i.e.) down syndrome, neural tube defect

Weeks Gestation

Doctor listening for babies heartbeat

8-10 weeks: First OB visit, prenatal education, dating ultrasound (US), prenatal labs & pelvic exam

  • You will only be notified of ABNORMAL routine prenatal lab results. Normal routine lab results will be discussed at your next visit.

12 weeks: OB Visit

16 weeks: OB Visit

20 weeks: OB visit with Ultrasound: Routine fetal anatomy US or Level 2, placenta location, cervical length.

24 weeks: OB visit

28 weeks: OB visit: Diabetes and anemia screen (blood draw), Rhogam if Rh negative.

30 weeks: OB visit: Tdap vaccine

32 weeks: OB visit: Mental Health check-in (PHQ/GAD)

34 weeks: OB visit: hemoglobin

36 weeks: OB visit: Group B Strep test and cervical exam

37 weeks: OB Visit

38 weeks: OB Visit

39 weeks: OB Visit

40 weeks: OB visit with MD, delivery planning

  • Your first OB visit may last 30-45 minutes.
  • All other OB visits that are uncomplicated will take about 10 minutes.