Steve Berg

Steve Berg

Steve Berg had a bad feeling. Turns out it was his gallbladder.

His abdominal pain started after supper and continued through the night. “It felt like someone punched me very hard in the stomach,” Steve says. The next morning, he waited for Urgent Care in Lakeville to open. Within minutes, Steve was on his way to the Emergency Department at Northfield Hospital for an ultrasound.

The ultrasound showed that Steve’s gallbladder was enlarged, and blocked by a stone that had built up over time.

Steve had a shorter bout of pain a few weeks before, and thought it was food poisoning. “When it came back this time, it was more painful,” he says. Really painful. Steve needed surgery.

“I was sure ready to get it out,” he says. “When they said, ‘We think this should come out,’ I said, ‘Yes please, as soon as possible.’”

Surgeon Jose Fulco, MD removed Steve’s gallbladder that evening via laparoscopic surgery. “He explained what to expect,” Steve recalls. “He was calm and reassuring, and that gave me confidence.”

Dr. Fulco has been doing laparoscopic gallbladder surgery for nearly 30 years. “I am still amazed at how well most patients recover from this minimalistic intervention” with less pain, lower complications, and quicker return to normal activities, Dr. Fulco says.

Steve had minimal pain after surgery. He stayed overnight in the hospital, then was back home the next day.

“I got great care every step of the way,” Steve says – from Urgent Care and the Emergency Department to Dr. Fulco and the surgical team, and the excellent Medical/Surgical staff.

“I can’t say enough good things about this hospital,” Steve posted on Facebook from his hospital bed. “Everyone that has been caring for me has been very nice, friendly, and helpful! I sure can’t say that about some of my healthcare experiences elsewhere.”

Steve’s advice? “Listen to what your body is telling you and don’t delay, because you never know what’s going on.”

Because a gut feeling deserves attention.