Support Groups

Support Groups

Support Group Flyer

Meet and share with others who understand your perspective, and receive educational, practical, social and emotional support.


Support groups meet at Northfield Hospital. Groups are always free, always welcoming.



Breast Cancer Suport Group: Third Tuesday of each month, 5-6:30 pm. Facilitated by the Breast Care Center.  Patty Kark, 507-646-1455 or karkp@northfieldhospital.org

Cancer Wellness Group :   Open to patients of the  Cancer Care  & Infusion Center. Contact the Center at  507-646-6979.

Can’t Eat Wheat Support Group for Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance:  First Monday of even months, 7-8:30  pm. Jody Friedow, canteatwheatmn@gmail.com

Diabetes Support Group:  Third Tuesday of each month, 7-8 pm. Julie Stulz, 651-245-1705 and Kelly Gueldner, 651-214-7714 or gueldnerk@northfieldhospital.org.

Food Allergy Support Group: Second Monday of Feb, May, Aug, Nov, 7-8:30 pm.  Kristi Winkels, 507-646-1410 or winkelsk@northfieldhospital.org

Grief and Loss Support Group: Schedule varies, see flyer. Sara Lippert,  507-646-1457 or  lipperts@northfieldhospital.org.  Grief and loss during the Holidays, see flyer for education support.

Parkinson’s Disease Support Group:   Fourth Wednesday of each month, 2-3:30 pm.  Kathy Lathrop, 507-646-1195 or  lathropk@northfieldhospital.org  and Maria Bohl, 507-646-8840 or bohlm@northfieldhospital.org.

Stroke Support Group:  Third Thursday of each month, 3-4:30 pm. Sheila Wirfs,  507-646-1196 or   wirfss@northfieldhospital.org and Beth Stember, 507-646-8292 or  stemberb@northfieldhospital.org  .

Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group:  First Thursday of each month, 7-8 pm.  Shelley Klevos, 612-812-1311 or shelleyklevos@gmail.com and Emily Larsen, 507-646-8292 or tbilarsen@yahoo.com



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