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Are you looking to reduce your workers’ compensation claims, reduce lost time injuries and improve employee health and productivity? Workplace Health offers programs that are effective in reducing costs associated with work-related injuries by reducing or eliminating the risk of injury. 

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Workplace Health - Occupational Health Services

Are you looking to reduce your workers’ compensation claims, reduce lost time injuries and improve employee health and productivity? Workplace Health offers programs that are effective in reducing costs associated with work-related injuries by reducing or eliminating the risk of injury.

Our expertise in employee health and work-injury management allows us to create programs specific to your needs as an employer. Our team of medical professionals will help you to promote health, safety and productivity in the workplace.

We can help you:
• Improve the health of employees
• Reduce work comp claims
• Reduce time loss injuries
• Decrease injury rates
• Improve employee morale
• Improve productivity
• Reduce travel and time off through our onsite services


"With Workplace Health, we reduced the number of recordable soft tissue injuries from 9 in 2015, to 3 in 2016 (a 66% reduction) and showed a 91% reduction of workman compensation costs."

-EHS Manager, Hearthside Food Solutions 

Early Medical Intervention

Prevent small injuries from becoming costly, lost time injuries. Early Medical Intervention (EMI) is designed to serve employees experiencing discomfort while working. We can create or improve existing stretching/warm up programs by observing employees and creating guides tailored to their specific job duties. We emphasize proper body mechanics, stretches and exercises that help avoid injury. We also provide icing, massaging, taping, education and instructions to help alleviate soreness and swelling. We offer onsite appointments so employees can be seen for an existing injury or evaluated quickly after reporting an injury. We can also offer new hire orientation where we discuss ergonomics, proper lifting techniques and help reinforce the expectation of reporting soreness and injuries as soon as they occur.

Post Offer Employment Testing

Hoping to prevent your next injury? Our Post Offer Employment Testing (POET) assesses the candidate’s physical readiness to meet the essential functions of a specific job. We customize POET tests to your specific needs. We perform a thorough job analysis and document all essential functions in the Functional Job Analysis. Our development and implementation format meets all Equal Employment Opportunity and Americans with Disabilities Act laws and regulations.

Ergonomic Workstation Assessments

You can minimize or prevent injuries with an Ergonomic Assessment. We will come on-site and perform a thorough analysis. We observe employee posture, position and movements required to perform job duties. While observing, we identify potential problem areas and determine suitable adjustments. Once the analysis is complete, we make recommendations to eliminate or minimize problems and coach employees on how to safely adjust their work spaces and tasks to maximize their performance and reduce unnecessary injuries. Your managers will have an action plan that details changes to be made that will lead to a happier, healthier work environment.

Functional Job Analysis/Description 

Understanding all the elements of a job is the first step towards preventing injuries. We come on-site and perform a Functional Job Analysis (FJA) using calibrated technology. We observe employees performing jobs and gather specific measurements of time, frequency and force it takes to perform each individual task of the job. We also interview employees and managers and add their input. This information is compiled into a detailed FJA that is used in Post Offer Employment Testing and to help improve jobs.

DOT AND NON-DOT Drug Collections 

Need employee drug testing? Our team is formally trained and certified to collect urine samples for both DOT and Non-DOT drug test. Samples are sent to a lab for testing and the results are sent directly to you the employer.

Audiometric Testing 

Noise is one of the most common occupational health problems. Protect your employees hearing with Audiometric Testing. Our Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist (COHC) staff can come on-site and perform baseline and annual audiograms saving you employee travel and lost work time.  Baseline Audiometric testing can also be done as part of the POET testing process. 

Qualitative Fit Testing

We offer qualitative fit testing for established respirator protection programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen at my appointment?

Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to complete paperwork prior to your appointment. A medical professional team member will review the paperwork, health history and systems review with you. If it is determined that a health care provider's authorization is  needed to continue the screening process, you will be instructed to obtain a clearance from your healthcare provider and rescheduled. Your appointment can take anywhere from 15-75 minutes. Your employer will let you know the expected length and what services you will be completing.

    At the end of your appointment all of your results will be sent to your employer. The staff at Workplace Health will not give you any results at the conclusion of your appointment. Your employer will discuss all of the results with you.

    What do I need to bring to my appointment?

    Please bring the following items to your appointment:

    • Photo ID
    • Closed Toe Shoes
    • Wear appropriate employment clothing

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